Reforma integral Barcelona

Comprehensive apartment renovation in Barcelona

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (Barcelona)


The first achievement of the project was to expand the kitchen and open it to the hallway to optimize and gain spatial spaciousness of the home. In this way, we manage to relate the day and night areas located at the ends of the floor with a central and relational space of the house; the kitchen.

QART Arquitectura - Arquitecto para reforma integral piso Barcelona

A central furniture distributor of the entire space

This organizing piece of furniture has a hidden sliding door that allows you to create a circular path that opens or closes depending on the privacy that the inhabitants require at any given time.

This sliding door, when open, expands the spatial vision of the house and resembles a loft-type space and when closed it makes the bathroom part of the main room and turns it into a suite.

The modern style is materialized with the pine wood with a rough texture of the furniture in contrast with the white countertop of the Fenix ​​brand. Fenix ​​is ​​a multilayer coating of acrylic resins with low light reflectivity and very resistant to scratches, abrasion and dry heat, acidic solvents and household reagents. The material remains clean with simple daily care and cleaning methods ideal for the kitchen.

arquitecto para reforma integral piso barcelona

Space optimization

The second great achievement of the project is to achieve maximum storage space in the interior area of ​​the house where there is less light to gain spaciousness in the living-dining room and bedrooms. This storage space is flexible to use according to the needs of the apartment's inhabitants.

Integration of luminaires

The light is projected with Insolit's technical-decorative luminaires and programmed to obtain different scenes that accompany the different routines of domestic life. In this case, DALI is applied in this apartment with the intention that the same space can be inhabited in a different way, creating general scenes without losing the possibility of turning on the switch and individually controlling certain light points. In this renovation, we have equipped the apartment with keypads that control all the luminaires at the same time, allowing each of them to have a specific lighting level by pressing a single button. This allows you to come home and decide the scene based on the use you will give to the space.

Light control through scenes

For example, a scene could be that of guests creating soft lighting illuminating the passage areas, leaving the dining table well lit and elements of the house illuminated such as a painting or the bathroom sinks, generating contrasts and visual comfort. We can also activate the switches to control independent luminaires to facilitate specific use of the space.

arquitecto para reforma integral piso barcelona

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Reforma integral Barcelona

Comprehensive apartment renovation in Barcelona

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