Single-family house Prats de Cerdanya

Prats de Cerdanya

The house is located in Cerdanya in the municipality of Prats i Sansor in the heart of the Segre valley, considered one of the largest in Europe. This privileged geographical location allows you to observe the Pyrenees mountain range and the reliefs of Cadí-Moixeró surrounded by meadows that change according to the season and the year.

As it could not be otherwise, the house faces spectacular mountain views and faces completely south to obtain the maximum benefit of cross ventilation and sunlight.

The windows facing south are protected by a porch where you can contemplate the views from the outside. The great height of the porch allows light to pass through in winter and protect from the sun in summer as the sun's rays arrive in a more vertical position. All windows are protected from sunlight by the exterior protection of Venetian blinds that hide in the façade itself and leave the window facing the outside clean. The impact of the house on the land is practically zero as it is a ground floor house with a garage also above ground and a basement floor. Its low height allows it to adapt to and respect neighboring buildings, minimizing the impact on them.

planta casa de montaña estudio de arquitectura barcelona

Distribution by stripes

The project is planned in strips facing south (towards the views) to adapt to the triangular geometry of the site and optimize the built and non-built spaces as much as possible. The house on the ground floor is divided into two very different areas, day and night, separated by the entrance and the two-section staircase. The day area houses the kitchen and the living-dining room that overlooks the garden and the views of the Cadí-Moixeró mountain range. The ceiling of the kitchen and dining room is lower than the living room space where you can see the sloping ceiling of the wooden beam roof and a stone fireplace that dominates the entire living area.

Estudio de arquitectura Barcelona casa unifamiliar La Cerdanya

Adaptation of the plant in the field

As is evident, the roofs of the project are gabled and are designed to link the different distribution strips. All of them form a single canvas that allows you to experience endless sensations on the ground floor with all the rooms different from each other and magical light effects through the skylights and internal openings of the house.

Estudio de arquitectura Barcelona para proyectos de casas unifamiliares.

Access through the heart of the house

We projected the entrance into the heart of the house using an entire strip for access and routes. This helps us improve the distribution of the different areas of the house, provide more privacy, create a central focal point in double height with greater appearance, improve acoustic insulation, make the house more sustainable and improve the security of the house.

Estudio de arquitectura Barcelona casa unifamiliar La Cerdanya

Environmental solutions

As a renewable energy source we have used aerothermal energy for heating and domestic hot water in this way we will be able to reduce electricity consumption considerably. Regarding water use, we have chosen to install a tank in the garden. To reduce sources of radioactivity in the home, we have protected the home in contact with the ground with a protective sheet against radon gas, one of the environmental toxins classified as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Estudio de arquitectura Barcelona casa unifamiliar La Cerdanya

Kitchen integration

The kitchen located in the northern part where all the services are concentrated and the facilities are connected allows the view to the entrance and has its own openings to it that give it morning light and allow it to connect with a more private terrace. The materials adapt to the local aesthetics of Cerdanya: local stone on the façade and slate for the roofs and floors of the outdoor terraces. Inside, pine wood and oak parquet are used combined with anthracite-colored metal elements.

Arquitecto para casa unifamiliar en La Cerdanya

Light integration

Light is a fundamental element in any architectural project and it is extremely important that it is projected before construction. The light allows the different spaces of the construction to be seen and used properly. In this project we seek to highlight the materials and textures used, and improve the feeling of spaciousness and space. We think about every corner of the well-being and health of the people who live there. In addition, we have all the natural light inputs to make the most of it and we implemented a home automation system to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. We use different Insolit luminaires for each room and project the light only where it is required.

Estudio de arquitectura Barcelona casa La Cerdanya

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Single-family house Prats de Cerdanya

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