Jardin Pomaret, garden remodeling project



This project is based on the idea of ​​building a swimming pool as the main element of the garden. In this way, the central location of the pool was key to converting water as a present element throughout the day area of ​​the house. The minimalist and simple lines help the user feel at peace.

arquitecto paisajista jardin con piscina y barbacoa Barcelona

Contrast with natural elements. Space of calm and spirituality.

The different textures of the garden floor differentiate the areas and the use of each space, the porcelain of the terrace, the grass area, the wood of the chill out area and two flower beds, one of aromatic plants with an olive tree that shades the garden. chill out and the other as a contemplation area of ​​the cypress where the pool shower is located.

arquitecto para remodelación terraza jardin con piscina barcelona

Spaces for meditation and calm

At QART Studio we work on all aspects so that the results take into account that the user experience is unbeatable. For a space to invite meditation, it must be quiet, free of distractions and with a serene atmosphere. If you live in a space like this, you can enjoy many benefits for your mental and emotional health. Additionally, meditating in a calm and welcoming environment can help deepen your meditation practice and experience deeper levels of relaxation and well-being. It is also important to note that a meditation space does not have to be a place dedicated exclusively to the practice. of meditation. Any quiet and cozy place can be used to meditate.

arquitecto para remodelación terraza jardín con piscina

Lighting integrated into landscape elements

Customized LED lighting in outdoor spaces allows us to create unique spaces and achieve the visual comfort we need. In this case we took advantage of the uprights of the wooden fence to locate the lighting for the barbecue space.

Custom design of bench, planter, gutter, table and fences.

Always in each project we take advantage of our knowledge in industrial design to provide unique architectural elements that configure and give personality to the space. We design and materialize every detail with our suppliers.

arquitecto barcelona paisajista jardin con piscina y barbacoa barcelona

Sustainable garden

The project was designed to reduce the surface of the grass as much as possible without giving it up since it is more sustainable because it reduces water and energy consumption, promotes biodiversity, and reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, a garden with a greater diversity of plants and an organized plan is more attractive and pleasing to the eye than one with a large surface of uniform grass.

arquitecto para remodelación terraza jardin con piscina

Lighting as an essential part of the project

The Insolit brand outdoor luminaires accompany us in illuminating the natural elements and their verticality also contrasts with the horizontal lines of the pool plinth and the bench.

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